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KKTC Giriş-Çıkış ProsedürüInput-Output Procedure


We hope that you will have nice days in our country and leave with pleasant memories. From now on you are entering your marina; the marina officer will call the immigration police and the customs officer on your boat. The customs officer is not allowed to pass through the boat without coming to your boat. Sometimes the police can call you to the office instead of coming to the boat. You can go to the police office with the marina officer. Please follow the instructions of the marina officer until your actions are completed.

If you have any pet, plant or health problems in your boat, we should not report it to the health officer. It is forbidden to enter animals and plants without authorization from the health and customs units of the TRNC. For this reason, you should report this information immediately. You are responsible for not declaring any animal, plant or health problems.

The immigration police will check you in after you have seen your passport, boat papers and crew list. In addition, if you have goods subject to customs, you must be notified to the customs office. It is your responsibility not to be notified.

After these procedures, please fill out the arrival manifest and crew list to visit the marina office with your technician's documents and to the harbor presidency. If your arrival to the marina is out of office hours, please arrive early in the morning.

You can get water, diesel and laundry service in our marina 24 hours a day. Payments can be made by credit card or as cash payments in TL, USD, STG, EURO and KL.                                         

  • Electricity and water services are provided with state-of-the-art modern pedestals.
  • Diesel, water and electricity connection services are provided by the marina officer
  • Our office hours are Monday - Friday 08.00 - 17.00 hrs and C.tesi 08.00 - 13.00 hrs. Sunday is closed.
  • Saturdays in the summer until 17.00.


If you inform the marina office of your departure date and time one day in advance, especially during port office and customs office hours, your departure procedures will be organized and your port office will be supplied by your office.

Once the immigration officer has completed your checkout process, you will be issued with your port office certificate by the office or security / marina agent. The Muhaceret police come to your boat on the way out or call you to the office. You will go out with your marina officer. Once you have completed your process, you have to leave the marine immediately. It is forbidden to anchor or dock on the coasts of the TRNC after departure.

The weather report is posted every day at the office entrance. You can view more detailed weather reports using our free high-speed internet service at your office, check your mails. Taxi, rental car, sightseeing, scuba diving, etc. can be organized by your office. Our repair team can repair all kinds of wood, fiber, machine welding, electricity, tarpaulin as well as washing your boat with a lift by land, water washing with gold water jet.

For further information please contact our office.

Forbidden ZonesForbidden Zones

Forbidden Zones

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Delta Marina Yerleşim PlanıMarina Settlement Plan

Delta Marina Settlement Plan

Delta >Marina Settlement Plan

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